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Wellness Services

Reach the best version of yourself with our health and wellness services for a healthy body and mind

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Improve your concentration and reach a heightened sense of mindfulness and awareness with our hypnotherapy sessions. Discover the benefits of this guided relaxation therapy and experience a deeper perception and understanding of your thoughts. Our licensed hypnotherapist, Kawsar Koodaruth, will accompany you throughout the sessions for a relaxing and eye-opening experience.

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Taruni Ramnarain -
Certified Image Consultant

​Taruni is an internationally certified Image Consultant and is the sole Mauritian recognized by the International Professional Image Association (IPIA).

The way you dress, behave and communicate speak volume about who you are. Taruni helps you manage all those factors not only to make a powerful impact on the people around you but also, to boost your self-confidence and showcase the best version of yourself.

From your personal brand to your wardrobe, Taruni is the professional you need to build a striking presence and improve your interpersonal skills through tailor-made sessions.

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