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Skin & Laser Clinic

We Provide Medical Aesthetics Treatments Which Include The Most Advanced Laser Technologies Available

The Latest Techniques

Latest Techniques for your
Skin Care Concerns

We offer a wide range of advanced medical aesthetics services for both the face and the body, from acne scar treatment to microneedling, skin pigmentation, body sculpting, and many more.

Improving Health
and Wellness

We take care of both your skin needs and your overall well-being. Our wellness services are there to help you sustain and empower your health.

Attentive Skin Care

Our team is our pride. All our experts take the time to listen to your skin needs and health for the best medical aesthetic experience.

Your Preferred Medical Aesthetics
Treatments and Skin Care Experts

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Empowering your Skin Health

Taking care of your skin is so much more than washing your face daily and applying lotion. As the largest organ of your body, you need to take care of it by adopting proper skincare to maintain its overall health.

Prana Medical aesthetics offers a wide range of medical skincare and treatments in Mauritius. From acne treatment by microdermabrasion, to skin rejuvenation with HIFU treatment or reducing dark circles for a fresher appearance, we give you significant results through all our treatments.