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Pérgatis is your trusted haircare and relaxation brand. Pérgatis is known for its haircare products made with natural essential oils, repairing your damaged roots, providing deep nourishment and helping your hair regain its thickness and natural shine. With a highest customer demand, the brand introduced a 100% natural eyebrow product. To help you understand the purpose of the brand, we are taking you back 15 years ago. Our founder was then experimenting hair loss issues and was actively looking for efficient ways to treat it. At first, he was quite doubful of such therapies but ended up as a firm believer seeing the outstanding results.The undeniable success of the product lead to the foundation of Haireal in Asia, a haircare specialised business and the sales increased exponentially from there. The product was shared to distributors and soon developed further to increase its efficiency and stability. The brand was renamed to Pérgatis and is now expanding its products beyond haircare.

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