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Mesotherapy/Micro needling/Derma roller

Discover the techniques of micro needling and mesotherapy.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Rs 1800 - Rs 2500

Service Description

Mesotherapy, micro needling and derma roller treatments are painless skin needling procedures that penetrate your skin through small punctures that helps even out your skin and increase the production of elasticin. Depending on your skin condition, our skin specialists will advise you on the treatment that will provide the best results. Reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improve your skin's firmness and regain a healthier look with our skin needling treatments. The treatments include sub treatments such as BB Glow Treatment, Mesowhite Treatment and Glass Skin Treatment. Face Only - 50mins - Rs 1800 Face & Eyes - 1 Hour - Rs 2200 Face, Neck & Eyes - 1 Hour 30mins - Rs 2500 Hands or Feet - 1 Hour 30mins - Rs 2500

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