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Diode laser hair.

For 18 plus. Get rid of unwanted hair on your body

  • 1 hour
  • Rs 1100 - Rs 3900

Service Description

When it comes to unwanted hair on the body, there are many ways to get rid of it such as tweezing, waxing or shaving. Those methods require to be repeated quite frequently which can often lead to sensitive skin, ingrown hair or the apparition of red bumps. Hair removal treatment is a laser procedure that removes unwanted hair on many parts of the body such as the legs, the arms, the bikini area, the face, the underarm, among others. The laser energy can easily target any coarse stubborn hair and remove it without damaging the skin itself. Thanks to its fast pulses, the laser treatment can target a lot of hair at a time and doesn't leave any of it behind. For a successful result, it is recommended that you leave your hair to grow for a minimum of six weeks before the treatment. Our skin experts will prepare your skin before starting the treatment to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Permanent hair removal requires a series of sessions which will depend on your hairs' type. Full face: 30 mins - Rs 1800 Underarms: 30 mins - Rs 1800 - Rs 2500 Upper lips & chin: 30 mins - Rs 1500 Full face with neck: 30 mins - Rs 2200 Full hand: 60 mins - Rs 2000 Half hand: 45 mins - Rs 2500 Full leg: 1 hour - Rs 4500 Half leg: 50 mins - Rs 3000 Chest: 30 mins - Rs 2000 Brazilian full: 1 hour - Rs 3500 Bikini line: 40 mins - Rs 2500 Other parts - ( Price varies ). Optional treatment - Diode whitening Full face: 15 mins - Rs 2800 Underarm: 15 mins - Rs 2800 Full leg: 25 mins - Rs 6000 Half leg: 20 mins - Rs 4200 Brazilian: 30 mins - Rs 3900 Bikini: 15 mins - Rs 3200 Upper lips & chin: 15 mins - Rs 1900

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